The Tapia Family

I have been married to my wife Jeffrey, former executive director of a non­profit organization, for nearly 30 years. Together, we have traveled and lived extensively around the world.

Jeffrey is an outdoor enthusiast. She speaks Spanish and English. She rides motorcycles, loves kayaking, traveling, exercise, and loves anything related to the outdoors. She also loves people, laughter, good food, great coffee, wine, and a good read.

We have two beautiful intelligent, loyal, and tender kids.

Me, I was fortunate and blessed with many lives and a great journey. I have met great, smart people and recently retired as a senior executive. I have travelled/lived in different continents and countries such as Africa, Asia, South/Central America, Europe and North America.

My love and passion for learning has led me to marvelous adventures and provided me with good knowledge and great experiences in the outdoors.My curiosity, respect and love for people, has given me the best friends a person could wish for, living across all the cornders of the world.

I enjoy motorcycles, expedition travel, overlanding, altitude trekking, climbing, kayaking and everything related to the outdoors. Of course, all of this tastes better with a glass of good red wine. I speak Spanish, English, French and Italian (before and after my glass of wine).