Pond Valley Cabin

The Pond Valley cabin overlooks the meadow and peaceful pond during your hideaway experience. In the mornings, you can hear the call of birds nestled high in the branches of our towering trees. Looking out the window, you can see the early morning mist as it slowly rises from the pond, and perhaps get a glimpse of a family of deer drinking water. Opening the front door, you’re immediately revitalized by the crisp, cool morning air as you begin your day at Elatse’Yi.

Walking the path from the cabin down to the main community area, you notice the scampering of rabbits and hear the gurgling of the brook as it travels towards the pond. You come upon the bachi court and sit on the swing and imagine tossing one of the balls to the other end of the court. You first hear and then, once you look to your right, see a waterfall that flows excitedly over smooth stones. Getting up, you head towards the farm that holds the alpacas and hen house.

Approaching the farm you see the alpacas quietly grazing and hear a rooster and his signature “cock­a­doodle­do”. Opening the gate, Max barks a friendly greeting to you. Bending down, you tussle his ears and return the greeting. He turns and heads towards the alpaca portion of the farm and the Geodesic Dome.