Vintage Airstream With TreeLoft



Max is bounding ahead as usual, occasionally barking to be sure that you’re following. You pass six alpacas who are moodily grazing on the hill and watching Max. Heading further down the hill, you can see the chicken coops and hear the hens pecking away at the dirt. One of the women who works on the farm is gathering today’s harvest of fresh eggs as the lone rooster proudly struts around.

Walking past the fire pit, there are two hammocks under a wonderful star-shade tent surrounded by pleasant lemongrass. Keep walking toward this 1969 25′ airstream, toward the amazing tree-loft. I stand in wonder as I see bits of straw outlined in the rays of the sun. I start for the hammock, but Max has found me and is wagging his tail. He starts down towards the main meeting area of the Farm.