Geodesic Dome

Max barks excitedly as you follow him up the hill towards the huge geodesic dome. You pass by three alpacas who watching intensely, but backing away as you approach them. Alpacas are curious but shy creatures. Climbing the steps to the wooden platform that holds the geodesic dome and the attached bathroom. Peeking into the dome, you see that no one is currently using it, so you step in to to get a feel for this unique structure.

Without any straight walls and with its eclectic furnishings, you’re immediately transported to the playroom of a distant dream. There’s a bunkbed and a twin bed to the side, opening up into a perfect clearing and you imagine laying, belly down, elbows up, trading imaginative tales of world travels. There are wooden games that you have never seen but somehow intuitively recognize as they whisper the universal language of game play in your ear. It gives you a feeling of comfort and calm that you hadn’t experienced since you were young.

Max is barking. He is down by the chicken coop and the hens are scurrying about making loud clucking noises and trying to avoid him. You shout at Max and he comes running up the hill with his tongue hanging out as he is out of breath. He quickly turns and leads you further up the hill. After a short climb, you see what Max wanted to share: ­the Airstream cottage