The Farm

Max’s trotting has turned into a full gallop, and he lets out a woof as he hears someone striking the triangle for dinner. You stroll down the hill, nearing the bottom, you idly kick a stone which crashes into the brush. You look out onto the community area where the rest of the guests

meet to talk and relax, and it looks like you are the first one to arrive. Thanks to Max you will be first in line for dinner!

Fabrizio, the owner, is busy at the grill making his specialty, Chilean style ribs. You watch the smoke pour from the grill and the intoxicating aroma now fills the valley. Others are gathering and you wave to several of your friends who are also staying at the Ellijay Hideaway. All of you had already agreed to follow one of the streams and to play bocce ball by the pond. Filling your plate, you sit down and think that tomorrow is a good time for our activities. For now, you just want to enjoy the comfort of Mother Nature.