Airstream Cabin

With Max leading the way, you tromp up the hill. Coming upon a gravel road, you follow it. Rounding the corner, you see a huge structure before you ­ it could hold six cars with room to spare. You remember Fabrizio, the owner, telling you that the pavilion is for large get­togethers, weddings, and family reunions. The roof pushes high into the sky, and with the surrounding forest, a person feels truly one with nature.

You imagine your own family all together, laughing, reminiscing, dancing to music. Drinks in hand, your uncles are discussing the latest sports scores and who should be let go on the various teams. Between the loud music, the noise from dancing, and people shouting to each other, the Grand Pavilion is bursting with familial love and genuine joy.

Max nudges you towards a beautifully restored airstream cabin from the 50s, which sits inside the Grand Pavilion.Walking up to the front door, you open it and take a peek inside. You’re taken aback ­ it has been completely restored to its original look and feel and you’re transported back in time.

You go up the 2 steps, telling Max to “stay”, and go inside. There’s an oven and cute stove, fold down tables, four beds that have been newly refurbished, and a refrigerator that is tucked in under some storage areas. It also has an eight track tape player that is playing Elvis, pulling you into its original era even more.

Then you notice the upgrades that make this time capsule very livable. First the sinks and appliances are stainless steel, not the porcelain that easily chipped back in the day. Also, there is a microwave set above the refrigerator, and a small but new flat screen TV resting next to the refrigerator. You sit on the couch that faces the TV, and begin relaxing, feeling nostalgic for the days when life was this simple.

Max is ready to move on to the next area of the retreat though and wants you to join. So you follow him down the gravel road to see what’s next … the Hilltop Lodge.